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SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

The device that’s present with your customer practically at all times is her mobile phone. And MailDirect allows you to effectively communicate to this channel even more easily than with email – there’s no formatting to worry about!

While SMS marketing is most effective in situations that require a simple means for a customer to act, it is also useful as a rapid delivery mechanism for specific information, priority alerts and more. MailDirect is among the few systems that provide an API that allows you to connect your application platforms to its SMS delivery gateway.

And for an even convenient action-inducement, you could ask your customers to respond with specific keywords to short-codes, giving them the freedom to easily express interest to your offer, making it the tool of choice for lead generation. For example, they can SMS MD (for MailDirect) to a pre-defined number to request a product-demo, thus clearly expressing their interest in the product.

Features and Benefits

Instant delivery

Unlike email, SMSs are delivered instantly – making it an anytime, anywhere communication channel.


A person’s mobile phone goes everywhere with her – thus ensuring that an SMS is likely to be seen practically when it’s sent, as long as your customer is awake, needless to say! Ensuring that the follow through can also be immediate, whether that is a text to be sent to a short-code, a call to an IVR, or a call by your executives to progress further.

Guaranteed Viewing

As it lands on a high-involvement device, an SMS has a very high probability of being opened and read – over 90% as per published statistics.

Geographical targeting

With SMS Marketing you can segregate your target audience geographically allowing you better control over your campaign roll out and also higher personalization of content.

Maximum reach

10-million Internet connections in India vs. 885-million mobile connections, which would you prefer for reach?

Cost Effective

SMS is second only to email is terms of cost-per-customer, and leaves traditional media gasping.

Highly Measurable

MailDirect provide you with in-depth analysis on the reach of your campaigns, allowing you to specifically track the cost per customer acquired.

Note: The message body can accommodate up to 160 characters. You are advised to study the TRAI regulations relating to who you can send messages to, and what you are allowed to send. Breach of regulations could lead to your facing serious penalties.



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