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New Features
New Features

Following is a list of MailDirect features that enable today’s marketers to craft targeted campaigns and enhance their overall digital marketing scope.


With every new customer coming aboard, businesses have to keep them engaged at each step from a Thank You mailer on sign up, to a Welcome mailer with instructions to get started, to a mailer alerting renewals or bill payments. With a large and growing list of customers, this workflow is likely to breakdown if managed manually.

With MailDirect ‘Engagers’, you can pre-define a flow of structured communication that will be automatically handled by MailDirect at distinct events. With Engagers, you set up the workflow just once and as and MailDirect deals with all your new customers across all stages.

Engagers enables you to:
  • Ensure you’re ‘top-of-the-mind’ with your customers.
  • Anticipate your customer’s needs and deliver on time by staying connected.
  • Influence your customer’s buying decision by helping them through all the stages.
  • Increase product usage.


A-B Split Testing

The A-B Split functionality from MailDirect enables you to test two versions of your marketing mailer in parallel. You can now test mailers based on subject line, sender name, sender id and sending time. The feature allows you to test the two mailers on a smaller percentage of your mailing list. The A-B Split Testing feature allows you to assigning weights to parameters, such as Open Rate and Click-through Rate, in order to determine which of the two mailers has performed better and send it to the rest of your subscriber base. The A-B Split feature also comes with an ability to schedule the better performing mailer for a later point in time. So now you can test two mailers simultaneously, analyze how your customers are reacting to each one of them, and roll out the winning mailer at your convenience.

A-B Split Testing enables you to:
  • Test multiple version of your marketing mailers
  • Know which subject line, sender name, sender id and sending time works best for you
  • Assign weights to Open Rate and Click-through Rate for identifying the better mailer
  • Schedule sending of the better performing mailer as and when desired


Enhanced Name & Salutation Handling

MailDirect smartly handles variations in your customer list, including missing first and last names, to ensure you achieve maximum personalisation. There’s always the possibility of incomplete names entering into your mailing-list, for instance recently signed up prospects from your web sites. MailDirect allows you to make them a part of your mailing lists, without impacting the level of personalisation of your communications.

MailDirect lets you customise for the presence of both first and last names, or only one of these, and also lets you specify a default greeting/salutation to be used for any records where neither is available. So you no longer need to maintain separate lists of partially qualified prospects, with separate processes for these – just manage your master list and let MailDirect handle the rest.


Web-page as Mailer – on a Schedule!

If you have a website that’s regularly updated, and a list of customers who wish to be informed about the changes you make on particular pages, then this feature from MailDirect will make you very happy – because you don’t need to do anything extra to send out email alerts to people who subscribe to your content pages. You can use the Web-page as Mailer feature to quickly and easily send out updates to your subscribers as and when you’ve updated the page content, or in conjunction with the Scheduled Campaign feature of MailDirect if your pages are updated on a regular schedule. So you get to focus on content, analysis and marketing, and MailDirect ensures that your subscribers are kept updated with any new content that you post on your website.


Internal Alerts for Engager & Calendar-based Campaign Messages

Engagers and Calendar-based campaigns are versatile features of MailDirect that allow you to streamline the workflow for customer engagement and interactions – the former lets you pre-schedule a flow of interaction, and the latter takes away the need for human involvement to interact with your customers during milestone events like birthdays and anniversaries. Both of the above functionalities have now been extended – to also alert you after an Engager or Calendar-based campaign has been completed, should you wish to add any additional steps into your customer-engagement.

For instance, a list of customers who have been sent a Calendar-based reminder for renewing their insurance policies can now be sent to the concerned team for follow-up; or a key customer celebrating her birthday could be sent a bouquet to make her feel even more special. We believe this is another excellent example of using automation to deliver even higher levels of personalisation – the difference between mass-mail and email marketing! To enable, just add the email ID to which the alert is to be sent in the appropriate field (towards the end of the process of creating the Scheduled Campaign or Engager) and that’s that. You can get in touch with our branch office nearest to you, or Contact Us for a no-obligations demo or trial, to find out how MailDirect redefines email marketing for you.


Dynamic Sender Customisation

Meant for organisations that need to run email campaigns across multiple locations, and would like to ensure that standard templates are used by all. MailDirect lets you specify particular variables like sender-address and contact details, specialised local-offers, etc., which will then be inserted into the standard template for the particular campaign. The template gets made with place-holders for the relevant sender-level customisation, and the relevant information for the different senders is to be provided through discrete CSV-files. When a campaign is to be run, by simply selecting the data-file containing the information for their location, the standard template gets customised for the location with just a few clicks! Dynamic Sender Customisation – More standardisation, with reduced effort for all.


Enhancements in the Survey Module

The Survey Module has been enhanced to provide you more information on the survey-forms already completed by respondents, and to allow you to easily tweak and reuse existing surveys, and keep track of the original and modified forms and responses easily and conveniently.


Access Campaign Reports via Email

MailDirect allows you to receive your campaign reports as an email, without having to log in to your panel. Apart from the obvious convenience of being able to check out a campaign’s effectiveness while on the go, this also serves as a secondary alert about a campaign being successfully completed.


Outcome-based Campaigns

Using MailDirect’s Outcome-based campaigns you can now retarget those customers who’ve shown explicit interest in your offerings; with more relevant, focused and personalized messages – assisting them in making the final purchase decision. You can reconnect with recipients who’ve viewed, not viewed or clicked on past emails, thus ensuring that you never miss out on any potential customer.

How does it work?

Analyzing your campaign statistics enables you to identify those recipients who’ve viewed and clicked through your emails. Using Outcome-based campaigns you can target such recipients with more personalized content or special offers in order to entice them into purchasing your offering. You may even use this feature to reconnect with those who have not viewed your previous email. All you need to do is select the ‘On the basis of earlier campaign result’ option in the list selection area and choose appropriate conditions (viewed, not viewed, links clicked) based on the performance of previous campaigns.

Outcome-based campaigns enable you to:
  • Retarget customers based on their interaction with your previous mailers.
  • Attract interested customers through special offers.
  • Reconnect with active customers to induce trial/purchase.
  • Send personalized content or seek feedback.

Note: This feature needs to be activated in the MailServe v03 panel. Feel free to contact your nearest branch for further assistance.


User Roles with Rights & Permissions

MailDirect lets you define access rights and permissions for your users, based on the roles they perform and limit the areas of your panel they can access. You can decide whether a user is only allowed to manage the mailing lists, create and execute campaigns, or only access campaign statistics and reports, or combinations of these, based on your internal policies and security guidelines.

How does it work?

Your database administrator can now be given permission to access the List Manager area of the MailDirect panel to manage the mailing lists and nothing else, while you permit your Marketing team to access the Campaign & Statistics areas for the operations, without giving them access to the List Manager area. MailDirect allows you to specifically allow/deny group users into the following roles:

  • List and Recipients – Users who manage the recipient lists – blocked email ids, unsubscribed recipients, bounced email ids etc. These users will be able to access the List Manager area of MailDirect.
  • Compose – Users responsible for composing messages and executing campaigns. These users will be able to access the Campaign area of MailDirect.
  • Stats and Report – Users who analyze the campaign statistics and reports. These users will be able to access the Statistics area of MailDirect.

You can combine the above permissions, e.g. allow a Team Leader to access the Campaigns & Statistics areas, while List Management is done by your database administrator. Thus ensuring higher reliability & security through need-based access to your panel. Just one of the many thoughtful features in MailDirect meant to let you focus – on Personalised Email Marketing.


Enhanced Access Security – Allow by IP-address

MailDirect allows you to define the users who can access your panel by IP-address (or a range of IP-addresses) to act as an additional safeguard – now you can define not just who can use your panel, but also from where.

How does it work?

MailDirect understands that your mailing-list is extremely valuable, and also vulnerable to potential misuse. So we’ve introduced a simple, yet powerful safeguard – by letting you define and restrict the workstations that can be used to access your panel. And thereby ensuring that an unauthorised terminal simply cannot access your panel or your data. Along with granular activity-logging, this capability of controlling access to your panel is meant to put you at ease about the security and confidentiality of your mailing lists.


What’s New

whats newIf you have a website that’s regularly updated, and a list of customers who wish to be informed about the changes you make on particular pages, then this feature from MailDirect will make you very happy – because you don’t need to do anything extra to send out email alerts to people who subscribe to your content pages.

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