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Other Tools

Why limit yourself to just one channel of communication? Combine MailDirect’s “SMS Marketing” Module with its “Voice Marketing & IVR” Module to create an omnichannel customer engagement strategy!

Feel free to browse through the features and benefits offered by our “Voice Marketing & IVR” module. A gist of it would be, “Record a personalized message on your phone and upload the file, upload a list of phone numbers and activate thousands of calls in a matter of minutes.”

MailDirect’s “SMS Marketing” module is self explanatory but did you also know that this module allows customers to respond to your messages with short codes, which helps to capture iron-clad interest in your offer? Feel free to browse through all the cool features that it offers!

And like our “Digital Marketing” Tools, contact us to get a no strings attached demo!

What’s New

whats newIf you have a website that’s regularly updated, and a list of customers who wish to be informed about the changes you make on particular pages, then this feature from MailDirect will make you very happy – because you don’t need to do anything extra to send out email alerts to people who subscribe to your content pages.

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whats newFieldSense, PostMaster, MailServe & Backtrack are our other recognized and established offerings

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